The fourth Biotop Label release introduces an amazingly talented artist called Nanna. Nanna loves „Wassa“ (Berlin-slang for water) and she likes to do „Arschbombe“ from the „Rheinbrücke, oder wohin auch immer…“! With the first female contribution the Biotop-crew takes the next step in the direction of experimental and open-minded electronic music.

There is always an inspiration, a motivation and a story behind outstanding music. After a hard party-night some people went to Patrick Zigon’s Traumraum studio – including Nanna and a truly gifted guitar player called Stefano. The two entered the vocal-booth, and the magic promptly began. That night and morning, the guys recorded almost an entire improvised album.

Patrick Zigon took vocals and guitar-parts of this recording-session, and reworked them into a driving techy track. For another remix he invited Berlin-Buddy Haito Göpfrich. His version is more reduced, with less vocals and more FX.  The third laid-back and emotional rework emerged with Florence from the beautiful island Réunion and her heavenly french vocals.

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